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In recognition of all the great work that assistants do for photographers across the country, we're launching PDN's All-Star Assistants. We're asking you to nominate a current assistant who you think goes above and beyond in order to make a shoot go smoothly and shows promise for a career in photography. The editors at PDN will be choosing 20 nominated assistants and digital techs, based on their submissions, to feature in an upcoming issue of the magazine as well as the website.

Please fill out the required fields below to nominate an assistant or digital tech. You are also welcome to fill out the additional information, which will help as we create a guide for up-and-coming photographers looking to assist in the future. Once your nomination is received, we will contact your assistant to complete the submission process.

Note: You can nominate more than one assistant by simply filling out the form below for each nominee.


September 26, 2013. All nominations must be received by this date.

Required Fields:

Your Name
Your Email
Assistant's First Name and Last Name (Family Name)
Assistant's Email
How long has your assistant been working with you?
Why are you nominating your assistant?
What skills or qualities make your assistant an all-star?

Responses included in the optional fields below may be quoted in whole or in part as part of the PDN's All-Star Assistants feature and may appear in the PDN magazine or website.

Optional Fields:

What made you want to hire your assistant initially?
What are the toughest tasks your assistant has performed, and how did he or she handle the challenge?
What qualities do you think are most valuable to have in order to succeed as an assistant?
In general, what skills and qualities to you look for when hiring assistants?
How do you find the assistants that work for you (job listing, word of mouth, recommendations, etc.)?

I agree that what I have entered above to be true to the best of my knowledge and I agree to the terms of these awards.

All of the information you provide will be kept confidential. Please review our privacy policy link at bottom of page.

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